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Тема "Chief Technology Officer in Fintech start-up"

Автор:  Anastasia Дата: 18.05.2019 13:33
Job Description
Chief Technology Officer in Fintech start-up

About us
Join our world class team at Platio and help to build a Multi-asset Neobank that provides banking and investment services to individuals and businesses in fiat, stocks and digital assets.
We are a multicultural team with expertise in fintech and blockchain technology.
You can make an impact from day one contributing to our vision of creating products that make banking and financial services more accessible.

Key Responsibilities
Lead the development team, creating the next generation banking platform;
Communicate with multiple business units and collect information for platform development;
Supervise and grow the current dev. team: build processes, help developers in code writing;
Plan the creation of new dev. teams and create them in case of necessity (hire, develop);

Back-end: PHP / Java / MySQL / PostgreSQL / NodeJS: PHP /
Java development experience 10 years +;
Front-end: React/Angular, HTML5, CSS3
Microservice architecture, containers, docker;
Understanding the principles of secure programming and standards of work with personal and payment data including PCI DSS, GDPR.
Understanding of the principles of inter-service API interaction: REST, SOAP
Understanding of the technical principles of payment systems
Understanding of the technical principles of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20
Ability to work with version control systems including Git
Ability to create detailed technical documentation
Project management skills
Maintenance of the projects with complex architecture
Supervision of multiple team leads (2-3)
Building and describing development processes
Thinking outside the framework of tickets in the tracker
Ability to offer alternative solutions of business problems; improve business processes; increase technical efficiency
Fluent English

Potential Income
Competitive salary, based on the interview results

After the CV review, we are ready to have the detailed discussion.
Experience in the fintech is an advantage

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to ad@platio.io.
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