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Тема "Ph.D. in economics at Emory University"

Автор:  Maria Arbatskaya Дата: 26.10.2011 20:13
I’m the Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the economics department at Emory University (Atlanta, GA, USA). I’m also an MSU (Факультет ВМК) and NES alumni. We want to recruit the best students to our Ph.D. program. Funding is provided (tuition waiver, monthly stipend, and health insurance, conference travel funding etc.) Application is FREE before Nov 1, 2011.

We are looking for students with an excellent math background, interest in economics, and good spoken and written English. Curiosity, abstract thinking, and perseverance have proved to be important traits for our students.

Our program is small. We admit about 6 students each year. We want to select the best students from all over the world and guide them through the PhD program until successful completion of their degrees and placement in academic positions.

Here are the placement outcomes for the 3 students who graduated in Spring and Summer of 2011.

• PhD, Spring 11 - Tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (#1 in China). Time-to-degree 6 years
• PhD, Summer 11 - Tenure-track Assistant Professor position at University of Iowa. Time-to-degree 5 years
• PhD, Summer 11 - Tenure-track Assistant Professor position at Southern Utah University. Time-to-degree 4 years

Here is the Admissions Timetable:
This year, early applicants to the Ph.D. program at Emory apply for FREE before October 31, 2011.

January 3 - Deadline for submission of online applications. The application fee is $75 after October 31, 2011.
April 1 - Deadline for making admissions decisions.
April 15 - Deadline for the Economics Department to be informed of students’ decisions.
For more information please visit:
Apply to Emory
Admissions FAQ

Key Strengths of our Ph.D. Program
• Small student to faculty ratio
• Energetic, research-driven faculty
• Close collaboration between faculty and students
• Financial support contingent upon acceptable progress towards degree completion (tuition waiver, monthly stipend, and health insurance)
• Solid placement record in academic, research, and consulting jobs
• Close ties with the Goizueta Business School, Rollins School of Public Health, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for courses and research

We need to have all your application materials submitted online by the deadline (January 3, 2012). Please direct your questions regarding the application process to Sean Mann at econgrad@emory.edu, who is the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Thank you very much for your time,

Maria Arbatskaya
Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
Department of Economics,
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322-2240
Phone: (404) 727 2770
Fax: (404) 727 4639
Email: marbats@emory.edu
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