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Тема "Ищем разработчиков С++ для работы в Португалии"

Автор:  Татьяна Евстигнеева Дата: 09.07.2018 20:49
Наш американский стартап ищет разработчиков С++ для работы в офисе в Португалии. Визовую поддержку окажем. Английский обязателен.

Fyde is a VC-backed security startup based in Palo Alto, CA, with an engineering team based in Porto. We are founded by former hackers, our goal is to protect users against common online threats and attacks, and our first product is an iOS/android app that protects against phishing and rogue wifi attacks. We just got out of stealth recently, so you won’t find much about us online.

If you are interested in working with us, you will find some things on the business side, such as that we have been funded with $3 million, so let’s get to the stuff that you cannot find :-) Although we have two offices, we operate as a single company, and being a Silicon Valley startup, if you join us, you will get all the perks that come with the Silicon Valley spirit. The coolest in our opinion are free food, unlimited vacation and a budget for investing in your education, but you also get all the “standard” stuff, such as healthcare & the works (note that some of these perks do not apply to internships). We are a relatively small company (under 20 people) so everyone knows each other by name.

Now, let’s get fullstack (pun intended). Our technology stack uses react native, redux/redux-saga, C++/Objective-C++, python, ruby, java, kotlin, scala, elixir, and several devops/automation/deployment tools (know your shell scripting!). We do continuous integration and deployment, with all the cool problems that that brings. We <3 functional languages and a bit of esoteric tech, and we are assembling research and open-source teams.
We are looking for (Porto office):

- (Junior/Senior/Lead) Low-level/systems engineer (C++) to join our low-level team and help us implement our cross-platform, low latency network monitoring tool that we run on Fyde. Experience in low-level Android/iOS primitives, memory management, low-level testing, networking and tunneling protocols (HTTPS, TLS, PKI, TCP, UDP, IP) is a plus (show us your github contributions).

Contact us at jobs@fyde.com if you’d like to learn more.
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