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Тема "Рабочая практика для студентов в Travelers Connect (New York)"

Автор:  Valeriia Artemova Дата: 20.06.2015 19:10

Travelers Connect is a travel social networking platform. Our mobile app is called "Jetzy".
Jetsy is the world's first real time user-to-user social networking app to connect Travelers with Travelers and Locals and provide free travel rewards to users simply for using the app.

We are categorizing users on our app on the basis of their interests so foodies can connect with foodies, hikers with hikers, golfers with golfers, etc. As people use the app, bring friends or post a picture, they get points, which accumulate to give them rewards ranging from dinner for two, or spa vouchers to free trip for two to Tahiti fully paid.

We are noticing a great response. Pre-launch, we have started our social media pages just few weeks ago and have surpassed 85 thousand followers. In addition, we have started receiving sponsorships interests from hundreds of tourism boards globally including New York, Tahiti, Mexico, Barbados, Italy, Barcelona, and many more.

Website - http://www.travelersconnect.com
VK - https://vk.com/travelersconnect
FB - https://www.facebook.com/travelersconnectapp
IG - https://instagram.com/travelersconnect

Interns will be working directly with the founders and corporate team, helping in multiple facets of the business. Interns will:
- Build and execute brand promotional strategies for different channels including outreach within universities, colleges and corporate worldwide
- Create product awareness through global social media channels
- Develop outreach and brand awareness strategies for Travel meetup groups worldwide
- Utilize company and personal networks to connect with celebrities, sports athletes, influential business people, etc.

We are flexible in terms of hours, as interns can do a part time project remotely from their locations (alongside another full time internship they may have). We have both full time and part time internship, also assignment opportunities available.

This is an incredible opportunity to be on the ground with a startup from the inception of the product and gain in-depth entrepreneurial skill set. In addition, the interns will be able to develop strong leadership, marketing, digital media, communication and people skills.

Please send resume and general questions to valeriia@travelersconnect.com
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