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Тема "PhD positions in Vancouver (Canada)"

Автор:  Evgenia Ternovska Дата: 03.12.2011 03:36

PhD positions are available in the area of logic-based artificial intelligence. We are looking for theoretically strong students
interested to do research in logic (or discrete mathematics) and its uses for practical problem solving. Some knowledge of computability and complexity theory is a bonus, but is not required. Good programming skills is a bonus as well. We look especially for PhD students, but applications for MSc level will be considered as well.

Interested candidates should apply as soon as possible. Financial support is usually composed of graduate scholarships, teaching assistantships and supervisor's research funds.
Expected starting date is September, 2012.

Online application information is available at:

With questions on research projects, please contact Dr. Evgenia Ternovska,
email ter@sfu.ca, web page http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~ter

With questions on the application process, please contact
graduate admissions secretary at csgrada@cs.sfu.ca.

About School of Computing Science:

About Vancouver: The city's cultural and intellectual pursuits, leisure opportunities, favourable climate, and clean and safe environment are consistently cited as quality of life factors that make it one of the most desirable places in the world to live and work.
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